HVAC Insulation

Flexible Duct Insulation

Johns Manville flexible air duct insulation, made with JM Formaldehyde-free™ Flex-Glas® EQ insulation, is designed and manufactured to meet the highest performance standards—starting with our own. JM revolutionized the insulation industry more than a decade ago by eliminating formaldehyde-based binders from our light-density fiber glass insulation.

Our latest innovation in binder technology, Flex-Glas EQ insulation, is manufactured with a bio-based binder made primarily of rapidly renewable, plant-based materials. This technology improves handling, makes for easier cutting and less dust, and satisfies the industry’s increased demand for agriculturally sourced products. In addition, JM flexible duct insulation offers excellent thermal and acoustical performance, which provides improved comfort and energy efficiency for building occupants.

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