Commercial Roofing

Insulation and Cover Boards

Installing Johns Manville insulation and a JM cover board under your roofing membrane is the easiest way to increase the energy savings and protection for your roof. No matter what membrane system or attachment method you're using, we have you covered with our wide selection of cover boards and insulation products manufactured and distributed in facilities located throughout North America.

Our polyisocyanurate foam core insulation products have zero ozone depletion potential and negligible global warming potential. JM is a PIMA member and is audited by their QualityMark® program. We have a wide range of facers that cover all ASTM Type II designations, and we offer a line of composite products such as Fesco Foam®, Nailboard®, Vented Nailboard® and DuraFoam®.

Architects, specifiers and contractors generally agree that adding a cover board enhances the long-term performance of your commercial roofing system. We offer four types of cover boards ideal for whatever your project demands. Our high-density polyiso cover boards provide resistance against hail and foot traffic, does not support mold growth and is wind resistant. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver and install. Our perlite cover boards have been trusted by the market for over 50 years and are certified by UL® for recycled content. And lastly, our high-performance JM® SECUROCK® Gypsum Fiber and JM® SECUROCK® Glass-Mat roof boards are engineered for strength and fire performance with exceptional wind uplift ratings in many low slope roofing systems.

Densdeck sliver pic 226x70
Glass Mat Faced Gypsum Cover Board
DEXcell glass mat roof board
JM DEXcell Glass-Mat Roof Board
Coated Glass-Mat Faced Gypsum Cover Board
DEXcell 3_4 FA Glass Mat Roof Board banner
JM DEXcell FA Glass-Mat Roof Board
Heavy-Duty Coated Glass-Mat Faced Gypsum Cover Board
DEXcell Cement Roof Board B – Version 2
JM DEXcell Cement Roof Board
Cement and Glass Mesh Cover Board